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Discover a fresh clinical approach for patients suffering from Type II Diabetes and Hypothyroidism. You may be able to overcome your condition and start living the happy, healthy life of your dreams! What if you could Reverse* your Type II Diabetes? What if the pharmaceutical industry had it all wrong? Expensive and side-laden prescription drugs and insulin injections may not be the best treatments for treating Type II Diabetes long term.

29.4 million people are diagnosed with type II diabetes

In fact many if not all of the diabetic medications carry the risk of serious side effects…some promoting weight gain and ultimately possibly perpetuating the disease long term. In the end a drug for every disease or symptom may be only masking the problem and not treating root causes. Certainly there is a time and place for prescription medications, but many agree that they are overused. In addition, having high levels of insulin floating around in your body can be dangerous to your health! You see more than likely it’s not that your body is lacking the hormone insulin. The problem for many Type II Diabetics is that insulin resistance has set in … this basically means that your body has lost the ability to utilize insulin appropriately.

What sense then does it make to continue to bombard your body with something it has become resistant to? Especially when that substance (insulin) may be harmful to your health and may cause your disease to progress.

Did you know that insulin at high levels can:

  • Shorten your life expectancy
  • Can cause you to gain weight at an alarming rate
  • Can cause more insulin resistance therefore perpetuating your diabetes
  • Can cause your blood pressure to increase
  • Can cause cardio-vascular disease
  • Can increase your risk of developing certain forms of cancer

Diabetes is a nasty disease that ruins the lives of millions of people. You can lose a leg … you can lose an arm … you can lose your “zeal” for life … and in serious cases you can even lose your life.

Every 7 seconds, someone dies from diabetic complications…

But help is available. Our clinical approach to supporting type II diabetics is often totally different – AND OFTEN MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE. We have designed an integrative testing approach that typically goes into much more depth. We then use your detailed findings to tailor and customize a plan for you based on your underlying causative factors.

1/3 of the US population in the year 2025 will be diagnosed

Type II Diabetes CAN BE REVERSED*.

Many patients reduce and eliminate their need for medications across the board. Patients lose weight without exercise, increase their energy levels…In other words, they are able to reverse* their diabetes. In fact, a number of patients actually become non-diabetic with this clinical model.

HOW IS IT DONE? By looking beyond the label of the disease and uncovering WHY a person is no longer able to regulate their blood sugars. We determine the underlying cause(s). We uncover nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, and organ dysfunction that are associated with the disease.


  • Imagine how life would be if you no longer had to worry about your blood sugar…
  • Imagine how life would be if you no longer needed the drugs…
  • Imagine how life would be if you no longer had to inject yourself with insulin…
  • Imagine if you had the energy to exercise and lose the diabetic weight…
  • Imagine what life would be like without having to get up constantly throughout the night to use the restroom…
  • Imagine what life would be like without living in constant fear of the devastating effects of this disease…
  • Imagine that once and for all you finally understood why you had diabetes instead of just being told it was genetic and the best you can do is take your medicine and inject yourself with insulin…

Stop imagining!

1. Get more information

2. Attend one of our dinners*


  • Diabetes is a death sentence
  • Diabetics need a specific diet
  • The only organ responsible for blood sugar regulation is the Pancreas
  • All doctors know how to treat diabetes

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Clinic Hours

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